Back-to-School Year Info

Lakemont Families: 

 We are super excited for our students to return Face to Face tomorrow. There will be several changes to the first day that you will need to be aware of. First, no parents will be allowed to walk students to their classroom per OCPS policy. Also, during this time, parents will not be allowed to have lunch with their child. Please know we will have plenty of staff to welcome our Leopards and help them to find their classrooms. If sending in supplies, you may bring the supplies to the front office with the student and teacher name and we will ensure they are delivered to the classroom, or you can stagger sending them in as not to overwhelm your child with all of the supplies at once.
All students returning Face to Face will be required to wear a face mask. The mask must cover the mouth and nose and fit snugly from side to side. At this time, neck gaiters are approved through school board policy but must be more than one layer. Please sure you have you face mask on once you are on campus. Students will be given periodic mask breaks throughout the day as well as have the opportunity to remove them when properly social distanced at recess and PE. However, when they are in close proximity of one another, they will be required to put their mask back on the ensure safety. Please make sure to review the Code of Conduct as it has been updated to cover mask/face covering guidelines and expectations.
During the first week of school, parents may park in the parking and lot and walk their child to the main building. However, please ensure to maintain proper distancing. After the first week, only buses, students with special needs and parents needing to visit the office will be able to access the bus loop as this is for the safety of the bus students and van riders. If you plan to walk your child up to school, you will need to park along one of the neighboring streets and walk them up.
Regarding afternoon dismissal, we will be staggering the dismissal times to minimize the number of students transitioning in the hallways at once. At 2:45 Kindergarten students and walkers will make their way to the front of the building. If you are going to be an escorted walker parent, we will provide you with a laminated walker pass to show at the main door to which the staff member will call for your student and release them to you. Please make sure to properly social distance while waiting for escorted walkers. If your child will be an unescorted walker, please let the teacher know so that we can send unescorted walkers/bikers on their way safely. At 2:50, we will dismiss bus riders to the cafeteria, where they will be seated to wait for their bus to begin loading. Students will load the bus from last bus stop to first bus stop to minimize the number of students being passed while unloading at bus stops. At 3:00, car riders will begin to be dismissed and will be stationed in the main hallway. Ms. Issacs or Ms. Caldwell will be calling students names while in the car line to ensure students are already moving to the front of the school. One of them will be on another channel to radio inside which cone the student will meet you at when you pull around the car loop. At this time, please encourage your child to open their own car door as we have a limited number of patrols attending Face to Face. If you need a car tag, you may stop by the front office any time this afternoon to pick one up as we have many of them already made based on the survey that was sent out to families.
Please remind students to use alternate ways of greeting their friends such as air high fives, waves, or by simply saying hi. Students can bring their own individual hand sanitizer and water bottles. Should you have questions, please visit the OCPS frequently asked Questions and Answers on the OCPS webpage.
Please look for a ClassDojo very soon to highlight some of the new procedures being implemented at schools across OCPS.
For our [email protected] students, we look forward to your return in the future.